Institute of Approved Company Secretaries


To co-ordinate and co-operate with all the regulating authorities in enhancing the professionalism and conduct of company secretaries;

To provide an avenue for company secretaries to get together to improve and advance their interest and professional status and to provide a vehicle for regulating the conduct and professional ethics of company secretaries;

To conduct seminars, conferences and meetings for the presentation of papers and delivery of lectures, and for the acquisition and dissemination by other means of information connected with the profession of company secretaryship;

To form a library for the use of members and to collect, collate and publish information of service and/or interest to members of the profession and to establish and maintain libraries and collection of documents, papers, research materials and other effects;

To submit either independently or jointly with other representations, etc; to the relevant authorities pertaining to any legislation either enacted or otherwise for the purpose of promoting the position of members or the professional conduct of company secretaries;

To afford opportunities for social contact amongst member; and

To print and publish newsletters, periodicals, books or otherwise that are desirable for the benefits of members and the public with the approval of the authority concerned.